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Our website is governed by the terms as mentioned in our privacy policy. It contains information on the data collected from our customers and its usage. The policy is a binding contract to all those who perform a purchase transaction with our website and hereby concur to the terms in this policy by using our website. In case the user finds the terms not suitable to them, then they may refrain from using our website. This policy statement holds good only for our website and does not apply to any of our affiliates.

Data Collection

During the process of doing a purchase transaction, the website or its representatives will be required to collect personal details from the user. The passenger has an option to either book an air ticket by themselves directly through the website or take the help of one of our support team members who will make a reservation on behalf of the passenger. Either way we will request details from the user which includes and cannot be restricted to the following.

Personal information

We do not force all users to provide their personal details. The website gets the personal details of those customers who wish to make a purchase through our website. Customer’s name, contact details, address, credit/debit card details, email address, travel details, passport details, frequent flyer details and other related information will be collected. These details will remain confidential and be used only after getting a proper consent from the user.

Payment credentials

To complete a transaction through our website, the users will be requested to authenticate the transaction. For users who are not able to provide their account details in a clear manner, they will be asked to provide a photocopy of the credit/debit card to a representative of the website, and they would then complete the transaction on behalf of the customer. This is solely done for the purpose of helping out the customer and will not be used for any other purpose.


The cookies used by the website is similar to that used by any other reputed website. We use cookies to improve the services we provide and will not be used to recover any other information from the user’s system.

Third-party affiliates

Our website has the rights to publish information from third-party affiliates. The information thus published cannot be linked to us and it is the user’s responsibility to verify its accuracy. These affiliates are governed by their own terms, conditions and privacy policy and we are not liable to any information provided by them.

Information about user location

To provide the best deals and offers to our customers, we may require their location information. It is not mandatory to give this detail while browsing the website but absolutely necessary when making a booking.


The personal details, payment credentials and location details provided by the user to the website will be maintained with utmost good faith. The website has the rights to use this information against the user while taking any legal action against them for breaking the code of conduct and misusing our website in any matter what so ever.