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Tanzania is the home to the beautiful Kilimanjaro. Visit our website to book your cheap flights from PDX to explore the wonderful Tanzania.

Tanzania is the home to most national parks in Africa. Wildlife, beaches, friendly people and much more wrapped in one adventurous package. Tanzania’s weather varies from humid and hot. There are only two seasons. One is dry and the other season is wet.  Avoid rainy seasons as most of the trails remains closed.  Dry seasons see temperature going above 35 degrees. Opt to travel from June to August when the rainy season almost ends and the temperature will be wonderful to travel around.

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What to do at Tanzania?

Wonderful Wildlife:

  • Tanzania is the land of safaris with more wildlife tours when compared to other destinations.
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  • You get a chance to see Wildebeest stampede across the plains and the hippos taking a dip in the muddy water.
  • Monkeys and chimpanzees swing through the tree top and elephants wander around freely.
  • Explore the natural wealth with so many unparalleled opportunities.
  • Take a boat ride in a river filled with crocodiles.
  • Lions pad around your vehicle and giraffes are a treat to watch.

Explore the Beaches:

  • Indian coastal line of Tanzania is magical.
  • The picture-perfect islands and quiet coastal villages are a must visit.
  • You can have a relaxed time at the beaches with the backdrop of palm trees and massive baobabs.
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  • The sunrise here is so beautiful. Immerse yourself in languid coastal rhythms.

Mt. Kilimanjaro:

  • Kilimanjaro sees the visitor from all around the world.
  • It attracts visitors for its grace, forested flanks and the snow-capped summit.
  • It is the Africa’s highest peak and one of the world’s highest free-standing volcanos.
  • Best place for trekking, thousands of climbers venture here to challenge themselves.
  • The muddy slopes, rocky trail, and slippery scree give the adventure lovers a wonderful chance to enjoy climbing.
  • The climb is worth a try for it gives the best experience to stand at the top of Africa’s highest peak. It has a wonderful view of the ice fields of Kilimanjaro.
  • Are you an adventure lover? Kilimanjaro is the best choice for you.

For more details on Tanzania and its top attractions visit or call to us at +1-855-576-0710. You can book cheap flights from PDX and have a wonderful vacation.

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