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It is a universal truth that “travel” opens one’s inner eye that we didn’t know even existed. Reiterating on the point, Discount flight tickets encourage you to travel all across the globe with certain help from us. Guessing what help are we going to be? We are going to help you in fetching air tickets to any place on earth at the lowest cost imaginable.Wondering how this can ever be possible? Well, we have tie-ups with many leading airlines in to give you this great benefit. So, why wait? Grab the latest discount flight tickets by calling our customer care executives in the toll-free number +1-855-576-0710.

Before you travel, let’s get you educated on few of the travel basics. Most of you may have an idea, but this is for those who are on the “don’t know” side. First, we would like to introduce to you, the different types of air tickets.

Refundable and non- refundable tickets – Discount flight tickets.

As the names suggest, a refundable ticket is one which can be returned for a refund and a non-refundable ticket is one which cannot be returned for a refund. This rule is the same in discount flight tickets.Though the rules of return vary between different airlines, the basics still remain the same.

Discount flight tickets
Discount flight tickets

A refundable ticket in discount flight tickets is generally a taddy bit more expensive than a non-refundable one. Postponement of your travel dates is allowed here. The refund is either debited to your credit or debit card or in some cases your account. The refund process time depends completely on the airline.

The only thing you can do with a non-refundable ticket in Discounted flight tickets is, change your date of travel but it includes a penalty. Certain small carriers do not allow you to do this, so read all the terms and conditions before you purchase any air ticket.

When is the best time to buy an airline ticket?

There’s always a best time to buy air tickets. It is definitely buying your tickets well in advance of your travel dates. You can get the best of the prevailing rates in the market.Be it a long weekend or other public holidays, if you book your tickets in advance, you are sure to get the best deals.This does not mean you cannot buy tickets at the last minute. It just means that you’d be purchasing them at hiked prices.

Can I make comparisons between different air carriers?

Yes, you can. Discount Flight Tickets allows you to filter your searches not only on the basis of airlines but also based on many categories including price, journey time and the preferred class of the passenger. If you would like your travel tailor-made to your needs, then contact our support executives to avail of our services.

Are there special facilities to those traveling with babies?

Most airline operators provide special seats to those parents traveling along with their babies. They will provide a bassinet to accommodate your baby apart from pampering them with special goodies. The seats allocated to such passengers will be in the front rows of the cabin and special seat belt extensions are provided to carry your baby on your Lap. No extra seats are provided to Infants and in some cases Discount flight tickets can get you discounts from the original ticketing price.

What is travel insurance?

Similar to any other insurance, travel insurance gives you coverage against unexpected events during your travel. Being insured during your travel is not a must but here are some instances where one will definitely benefit out of it. First and foremost, you get a cover for flight accidental losses during your journey. Additionally, you can lay claims to loss of personal luggage, canceled trips and medical expenses incurred during your period of travel.

What are e-tickets?

An e-ticket reduces your burden of carrying a printed ticket in your hand and safeguarding it until you reach your destination city.All you have to do is show a photo ID proof along with your e-ticket while traveling. It has not only made life easier for frequent travelers who may be carrying a ticket from a previous journey but is also an eco-friendly move made by the airline operators. Discount flight tickets only works on e-ticket as its an online travel agency.

Whom should I contact if I need any special assistance?

If you are someone with reduced mobility or a permanent disability and require special assistance during your air travel, then you may directly contact the respective airports or the airlines in which you are going to travel prior to your date of travel, you can also call Discount Flight Tickets customer service who will do the best in providing guidance in getting wheelchair assistance. Last minute requests are not encouraged in most cases unless otherwise, the situation is a pressing one.

When would I need a companion to travel along with me?

These rules vary between different airlines but there are certain rules that are universally followed when deciding on the criteria where one needs a companion. Some of them include,

  • Persons with severe cognitive or learning disability

  • People who are both deaf and blind
  • People having moving disability.
  • The main reason for laying such rules is for the primary safety of the passenger.
  • In case of an emergency, the passenger should be able to follow emergency exit information provided by the cabin crew and be independently able to reach an emergency exit.
  • When such activities can be performed by the passenger without the help of a companion, then the airline will make it a point that you travel along with a companion.

Discount Flight tickets have tried to address as many queries as possible in writing. But not everything that is written is permanent. For this ever changing world, and your ever changing queries, kindly get in touch with our customer care executives in chat or give them a call on the toll-free number +1-855-576-0710. Discount flight tickets will provide their support 24/7, and our support will be available to people from anywhere on the map.


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